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What can we do for you?

OnTheRocks serves gaming chilled with our powerful and dedicated servers for your enjoyment.

Modern Service

We do our best to stay on-top of the game with all the latest versions, services, mods and configurations.

Great Support

Support is fast, friendly and efficient by utilizing Discord to open the support team up to as quick as possible.

Thriving Community

People who depend on our services to fuel their desire for games build an expansive and friendly community for all.


We produce custom-coded, in-house applications to aid our services in better integrating with the community.

Dedicated Servers

Our servers are top-grade, dedicated and maintained around the clock to ensure you don't have to suffer with downtime.


OnTheRocks prides itself on being completely compliant with the legalities of server hosting for all of our platforms.

We use Discord as our dedicated VOIP platform. Discord gives us the flexibilty to manage a free, maintainable server with the ability to create custom utility bots to make your experience even easier. Discord is free to host, use and manage and we highly recommend it to any serious gamer.

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So who are we, anyway?

OnTheRocks are a team of server administrators and developers, experienced in handling servers. We come from a background of intense video gamers ourselves and we wanted to create an experience